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List of Street Names of Drugs

A street name is a slang name given to a drug other than its popular or chemical names. Street names for drugs drastically change from place to place and time to time.

A street name is a slang name given to a drug other than its popular or chemical names. Street names for drugs drastically change from place to place and time to time, and no absolute reliance should ever be placed on them. This list covers only English terms, though many such terms exist in other languages.



·        Bevvie

·        Bitch-piss- UK, referring to alco-pops

·        Booze

·        Boozepiece - Referring to a single drink of any sort (i.e. a can/bottle of beer)

·        Brewdog - refers to beer

·        Brewpop - cold beer

·        Beerpop - cold beer

·        Brews - Referring to beer or ale

·        Brewskis - Referring to beer or ale

·        Brewskeez - beer

·        Cardbordeaux - red box wine

·        Cold One - Referring to beer or ale

·        Cargo - (Glaswegian) Alcohol, drink i.e "Ye gettin a cargo the night?"

·        Daddy's Soda--popular in East Texas

·        Daddy's juice--popular in Northern Virginia

·        Daddy's vagina--popular in Southern Florida

·        Drink

·        Fire Water -- Allegedly coined by Native Americans

·        Goon - Usually box wine

·        Grandpa's (or Grandma's) Cough Syrup

·        Grog -- Australian slang, derived from British Navy usage

·        'Hol -- contraction

·        Horsepiss - Bad tasting or spoiled beer

·        Hooch -- illegally made hard liquor

·        Hard Stuff -- distilled spirits

·        Jesus Blood (red wine) -- coined by Michael Jackson

·        Jesus Juice (white wine) -- coined by Michael Jackson

·        Jooce

·        Lolly Water -- alco pops

·        "Lush" -- Irish Slang (Sligo)

·        Moonshine -- Referring to illegally made hard liquor(corn liquor)

·        Piss - Australian

·        Plonk - UK

·        Poof juice (alcoh pops)

·        Rancid Snatch [Glaswiegian Spirt]

·        Road Soda - Bottled beer

·        Rocket Fuel - Referring to high-proof alcohol

·        Rotgut -- poorly made spirits

·        Sauce

·        Shack -- Popular in Nigeria

·        Soup

·        Space Bag - A box of wine

·        Spirits

·        On The Turps

·        Wanger

·        Wet

·        Wobbly Pop - Beer

·        Pimp Juice

·        Crunk juice - A mix of Hennessey and Red Bull



·        A-Plus -- Since Amphetamines are commonly used as study aids among college students.

·        Adderall -- brand name as well as a more generalized name.

·        Addies -- Slang term for adderall

·        Affe -- used in Sweden

·        Aimies

·        Amfis -- used in Finland

·        Amfa -- used in Poland

·        Amp

·        Anfetas -- used in Spain

·        Bennies

·        Billy -- generally Amphetamine Sulphate, from the comic character, Billy Whizz

·        Bippies

·        Black Beauties

·        Blueberries -- 10 or 5 mg Adderall pill referring to blue coloring.

·        Cross-tops

·        Dexies -- from the brand name Dexedrine or the chemical name Dextroamphetamine sulphate

·        Fly Boys

·        Gas

·        GB's -- Standing for goof balls, it refers to the euphoric 'goofy' feeling experienced from heavy doses

·        Go-ee -- generally Amphetamine Sulphate

·        Head fruit

·        Höökipulveri -- Finnish, liberally "mojo powder"

·        Oranges -- 15mg+ pills of Adderal, or Adderal XR, referring to orange color.

·        Pep pills

·        Pervitiini -- Finnish from German trade name Pervitin for amphetamine sulfate

·        Piri -- Finnish short from "piriste" (stimulant)

·        Proszek -- Poland

·        Rippers

·        Speed -- generally Amphetamine Sulphate

·        Sprinkles--usually Aderall xr or Dexadrine for the small sprinkle like balls of aphetamine

·        Sulph -- generally Amphetamine Sulphate

·        Tweek

·        Tic-tacs (Adderall, because they resemble orange tic-tacs

·        Vitamin R -- Ritalin

·        Whiz -- generally Amphetamine Sulphate


Amyl nitrite

·        Amys

·        Animal -- play on 'Amyl'

·        Bolt

·        Bottle O'Maitland

·        DVD-Cleaner

·        Liquid gold -- descriptive

·        Locker room

·        Pearls

·        Poppers -- may be any of Amyl nitrite, Alkyl nitrites, or Butyl nitrite

·        Rush

·        Snappers

·        Stephen Armstrongs

·        Stinky Willy

·        bum bum blasters


Anabolic steroids

·        Arnolds -- from Arnold Schwarzenegger's known steroid use in the past

·        Asteroids-- steroids in general

·        Gear -- steroids in general

·        Iron Brew -- steroids such as Durabolin, Stanozolol, Dianabol; this should not be confused with the soft drink Irn-Bru

·        Juice -- steroids in general

·        Liquid Gold

·        Mömmöt -- Finnish, "the stuff". Also used by the transgendered for hormonal replacement therapy.

·        Pump-up pills

·        Roids -- steroids in general

·        Steds -- steroids in general

·        T-Stoff -- German for testosterone, originally Me 163 Komet rocket fuel


Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates & Miscellaneous Depressants

·        Barbies -- Barbiturates

·        Barred-Out -- an adjectival construction which refers to someone under the effects of Xanax bars; see also Bars, White Bars, and Green Bars

·        Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Beans -- Temazepam

·        Benzos -- Benzodiazepines

·        Bennies -- Benzodiazepines

·        Blue Angels -- brand name Amytal, chemical name Sodium Amobarbital

·        ·Blues -- slang for various drugs belonging to several different classes, but in this case refers to either Sodium Amobarbital capsules (brand name Amytal), or more commonly, 10mg Diazepam tablets (brand name Valium)

·        ·Chill Pills -- any of a number of benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or other Central Nervous System Depressants which tend to induce a spectrum of sedative effects including sense of tranquility, anxiolysis, mild euphoria, myorelaxation, and sleepiness at usual doses

·        Coffins -- brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Don or The Don -- brand name Mogadon, chemical name Nitrazepam

·        Dogbones -- chemical name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Downers -- any of a number of benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or other Central Nervous System Depressants which tend to induce a spectrum of sedative effects including sense of tranquility, anxiolysis, mild euphoria, myorelaxation, and sleepiness at usual doses

·        Eggs -- Temazepam

·        Footballs -- 0.25mg (white), 0.5mg (peach), and 1mg (blue) ovoid tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Four Bars (often pronounced "Fo' Bars" or simply shortened to "Fo's") -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam; so-called because of its tri-score segmentation which can provide four separate doses of 0.5mg each

·        Forget-Me-Pill -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        French Fries -- brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Gold Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets manufactured by Purepac Pharmaceuticals, chemical name Alprazolam; so-called because of its yellow color which distinguishes it from other, usually white, generics

·        Goof Balls -- As mentioned in Junky by William S. Burroughs

·        Green Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets manufactured by ESI Lederle, chemical name Alprazolam; so-called because of its green color which distinguishes it from other, usually white, generics

·        Jellies -- chemical name Temazepam; refers explicitly to a gelcap form of the drug formerly available in the UK, but since taken off the market due to high street appeal among intravenous drug users

·        Knockout Drops -- brand name Aquachloral, chemical name Chloral Hydrate; generally refers to Chloral Hydrate only in its syrup formulation

·        Knockout Pills -- chemical name Temazepam

·        Klondike Bars -- brand name Klonopin, chemical name Clonazepam

·        Klonnies or Klons -- brand name Klonopin, chemical name Clonazepam

·        La Roche -- usually refers to brand name Rohypnol, chemical name Flunitrazepam, manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche; sometimes used for other Roche benzodiazepines, such as Valium, chemical name Diazepam, and Klonopin (United States) or Rivotril (Canada and Europe), chemical name Clonazepam

·        Ludes -- brand names: Quaalude, Sopor, Parest, chemical name Methaqualone; no longer marketed in the United States due to extensive abuse, though various benzodiazepines and other CNS Depressants are occasionally misrepresented as Methaqualone on the black market

·        Mazzies -- Temazepam

·        Mexican Valium - chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Mickeys or Mickey Finns -- brand names: Somnote, Aquachloral, Noctec, Somnos, chemical name Chloral Hydrate; Mickeys are generally Chloral Hydrate solely; the infamous Mickey Finn refers to a (usually alcoholic) drink laced with Chloral Hydrate, the original "date-rape drug"

·        Moggies -- brand names: Mogadon, Nitrados, Remnos, Unisomnia, chemical name Nitrazepam

·        Moogles -- brand name: Mogadon, chemical name Nitrazepam

·        Mother's Little Helper -- brand name Valium, chemical name Diazepam; also sometimes used to refer to the prescription amphetamine Dexedrine, chemical name Dextroamphetamine Sulfate, or a combination of Dexedrine and Valium

·        Nebbies

·        Oranges -- 10mg orange circular pills, brand name Normison, chemical name Temazepam

·        Pami -- Finnish for trade name Diapam (diazopam)

·        Pins -- brand name Klonopin, chemical name Clonazepam

·        Phennies

·        R-2 -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Reds or Red Bullets -- brand name Seconal, chemical name Sodium Quinalbarbitone or Sodium Secobarbital; a potent short-acting hypnotic barbiturate known for its bright red colored capsules; common during the 1960s-1970s, but not often encountered today

·        Rib -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Rick James Biatch -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Roaches / Roachies -- usually refers to brand name Rohypnol, chemical name Flunitrazepam, manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche; sometimes used for other Roche benzodiazepines, such as Valium, chemical name Diazepam, and Klonopin (United States) or Rivotril (Canada and Europe), chemical name Clonazepam

·        Roche -- usually refers to brand name Rohypnol, chemical name Flunitrazepam, manufactured by Hoffman-La Roche; sometimes used for other Roche benzodiazepines, such as Valium, chemical name Diazepam, and Klonopin (United States) or Rivotril (Canada and Europe), chemical name Clonazepam

·        Roofies -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Rope -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Ropies -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Ruffies -- chemical name Flunitrazepam

·        Rugby Balls -- chemical name Temazepam

·        School Buses -- 3mg extended release Alprazolam tablets

·        Softballs

·        Sticks -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Stoppers

·        Terms -- chemical name Temazepam

·        Tic-Tacs -- small 5 or 10mg oblong tablets, brand names: Ambien, Stilnox, chemical name Zolpidem Tartrate

·        Totem Poles -- chemical name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Tranqs -- tranquilizers

·        Vallies or Vals -- brand name Valium, chemical name Diazepam

·        White Bars -- 2mg white long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Yellowjackets

·        Xan-Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        X-Boxes -- brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Zan-Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Zanny-Bars -- 2mg long rectangular tablets, brand name Xanax, chemical name Alprazolam

·        Zannies -- Also spelled Xannies, term for Xanax.


Cannabis (drug)

·        4.20 -- UK slang, possibly referring to the time at which school ends, when some pupils will use cannabis; also could be reference to American equivalent of the holiday "J-Day" which falls on the twentieth of April (4/20). (see also 420 (cannabis culture))

·        A Big One -- a pound of marijuana

·        Ak-47 -- a strain known for its sticky consistency and crystal covered exterior

·        Al Green

·        Afi -- short for Afgahni variety of marijuana characterized by seedless buds

·        Abu-Sufian -- a very potent form of hydroponics smoked by Abu-Sufian and his crew.

·        B -- shortened form of Bud

·        "B-Legit"--2 marijuana blunts rolled together; the initial stands for the amount of blunts used: for example, a M-Legit would be 13 blunts, or an A-Legit would be a single blunt

·        Bad One -- refers to high-quality cannabis

·        Baking -- slang for the act of smoking weed; afterwards the smoker is baked

·        Banana ramma -- refers to the banana after taste of some weed

·        Bangoo -- very potent form of Sudanese marijuana

·        Bammer or "Bab" -- bad marijuana

·        Banji -- what the Hadza, modern day foragers of East Africa, call it

·        Bank Head Bud

·        Banzai Buds -- term used in Florida by Asian smokers

·        BC Bud -- hydroponically grown marijuana from British Columbia, usually Vancouver, known for its high THC content

·        Beaster -- sleepy time, Bunkly 100% Indica marijuana. Thought to have originated in British Columbia (BC) and since has spread to torture us all.

·        Beat N Sleep -- High-grade mids from Florida, name self explanatory

·        Beano -- $10 bag of cannabis from Southern Ontario.

·        Benz -- A £10 bag of cannabis. 1.5 - 1.8g

·        Bergspinasie -- South-African slang for cannabis

·        Bhang -- Indian, tea made from hash

·        Bigfoot -- a term used in some parts of Alabama that can refer to marijuana, or to the high itself

·        Bin Laden -- 3 different kinds of weed, grown all together.

·        Birthday Cake

·        Black -- hash

·        Blastoff -- a term used to refer to the initial smoking marijuana or to the initial high itself

·        Blaze -- to smoke marijuana

·        Blowhead

·        Blueberry -- very potent marijuana that has a blue hue to it

·        Blunt -- a marijuana cigar; named for the Philly (Blunt)

·        Bob Hope -- rhyming slang for "dope"

·        Bobby Brown -- referring to the color of the cannabis

·        Boléia -- [BraziL] cheap but powerful marijuana

·        Bomb -- high potency marijuana

·        Bombed -- Extremely high

·        Bomb-dizzle- Term popularized by one of the more famous Marijuana advocates, Okramx.

·        Boo

·        Boob -- To smoke marijuana

·        Boom

·        Bowgma-Chuff

·        Bread -- a small amount can be referred to as a slice; bread is said to be thrown when ingested

·        Brick-- Cheap weed or a large quantity in the shape of a brick.

·        Broccoli -- slang term, coined by Bay Area Lyricist E-40 Belafonte

·        Brown -- hash

·        Bud -- the buds of the cannabis plant

·        Buddha

·        Bun -- to smoke cannabis - "bunning"

·        Bun-up -- to participate or hold a smoking 'session'

·        Bunk -- low quality grass

·        Burn One -- to smoke a blunt or joint

·        Bueno/Buen -- Spanish for "good"

·        Bush

·        Buzzles

·        Cable

·        Cann -- short for Cannabis

·        Caño -- Chilean, meaning literally 'pipe

·        Cereal -- bowl of "cereal" used in telephone conversation to avoid illicit terminology

·        CDs -- SE New England slang that was popularized on public access TV

·        Cheeba

·        Cheebong

·        Cheese

·        Chocolate -- hashish

·        Chocolate Thai

·        Chrin

·        Chro -- a South London slang term applied to particularly potent cannabis (short for Chronic)

·        Chrowed out -- a term used for someone heavily under the influence of cannabis

·        Crunk a slang term used by Abu-Sufian and his crew to describe the euphoria reached by the very potent hydroponics.

·        Choof

·        Chucky -- (NY) Bronx term for marijuana that is of low to average quality with a slow burn

·        Chuff -- a joint, smoked like cigarette

·        Chronic or Chron -- high quality marijuana (also used to refer to marijuana laced with crack or pure cocaine)

·        Clone -- seedless marijuana

·        Cocktails -- mix of hash and skunk in one spliff

·        Cocoa Puff -- marijuana mixed with cocaine, usually sprinkled on top of a pipe or in a spliff

·        Costco -- Where you can buy a lot of it off a dealer.

·        Costo -- hashish, used in Spain

·        Collie Weed -- Jamaican terminology

·        Conversational Bread Throwing -- a euphemism for smoking marijuana, especially in a group

·        Creeper Weed (or Creeper) -- marijuana that has a high that comes on slowly

·        Crippy -- term used in Florida locales, referring to any general high-grade cannabis (compare to "regs": regular-grade cannabis )

·        Cutch -- A tightly rolled-up piece of a matchbook cover to hold the joint so that the smoked end does not get too wet and soggy (= no smoke).

·        Cush (or Kush) -- ancient variety from the Kingdom of Cush in what is now Sudan; it grows wild along the banks of the upper Nile River

·        D Nugs -- shortened from Dank Nuggets

·        Drizzle-- slang for an ounce of Hydro

·        Dagga -- South African slang

·        Dak

·        Dank -- potent marijuana

·        Dan K -- slang for Dank

·        Dark -- marijuana that is darker than normal

·        Deaf - got that deaf? - popular in New Jersey or Monroe Township area

·        Diggity -- another name for dank, used heavily in South Georgia.

·        Dime -- a 10 dollar bag of marijuana, or less commonly, 1/16th of an ounce.

·        Dino -- a predominantly southern term for a 10 dollar bag of marijuana (usually of lower quality)

·        Dirt -- cannabis of a lower quality; also, marijuana that is grown in dirt and is not hydroponically grown (also known as Dirtweed)

·        Dirty Dank

·        Ditchweed -- wild marijuana which is usually not very good

·        Doctor Kissinger's Crutch

·        Dooko A slang term used by Abu-sufianists to describe marijuana

·        Doobie or Doob -- a spliff

·        Doobie Snacks -- a comical term for a Spliff

·        Dope -- sometimes a generic term for illegal drugs in general

·        Doshia (sometimes spelled Dolja)

·        Draw

·        Dread

·        Dro -- short for hydro

·        Dub -- a $20 bag of marijuana

·        Dub Quap -- Half pound of marijuana; Virginia slang

·        Dutchie -- a blunt made from a Dutch Master Cigar.

·        Dustwallow Marsh -- named after Dustwallow Marsh in World of WarCraft; high quality cannabis

·        Eighth -- an eighth of an ounce of marijuana (or 3.5 grams)

·        Elbow --One LB of Marijuana

·        Electric Puha -- from New Zealand, named after the Puha plant

·        Endo -- a term for marijuana made popular in west coast rap by rappers like Dr. Dre

·        Exotics -- a term for marijuana of high quality and not found around the area

·        Faded -- slang for being under the influence of marijuana.

·        Fat Sack -- a large quantity of marijuana found within a single bag

·        Fifty -- eighth-ounce of high quality marijuana; denotes street price of "$50"

·        Fire -- very potent marijuana; also, marijuana that produces a strong burning sensation when deeply inhaled; also, marijuana with lots of red hairs

·        Flack Juice

·        Flame -- see "Fire" above

·        Food -- A code name for cannabis in the exchange process. usually in phone conversations. eg. "Got any food?"

·        Friend

·        Frueben -- Having the "munchies"

·        Fruit

·        Funk

·        Gage

·        Ganj -- a shortened variant of Ganja

·        Ganja -- an Indian term; rather common in all Indian Languages

·        Gerp

·        Gear -- a general term for the drug; used with most forms the drug comes in

·        Giggly Sticks -- slang for joints

·        Glaze -- the act of smoking marijuana

·        Good Goods -- from Charles Mann

·        Grain

·        Grand Pants

·        Grass

·        Green

·        Green cheesy wham

·        Green day -- a full day spent smoking from dawn till dusk and later; Green Day is also the name of a popular band

·        Green Funk

·        Green Goblin

·        Green Penis -- from Tampa Florida

·        Grim Creeper

·        Grimmy

·        Hairy Ogre -- high quality potent marijuana

·        Half A Sandwich -- 1/2 ounce of cannabis

·        Half Eighth (Half E) -- 1/16 of an ounce or 1.7 grams of cannabis

·        Halfy -- 1/2 ounce of cannabis

·        Half Track -- half an 8th (1/16th of an ounce) of cannabis

·        Hameni

·        Hang Liu -- slang term used in Chinese communities for high end marijuana.

·        Harry Potter

·        Hash -- short for hashish

·        Hashish -- Arabic term meaning "grass"

·        Haze -- a certain, often very potent strand of marijuana. Purple Haze is a type of Haze.

·        Headies

·        Heady Nugs -- Heady is an adjective, referring to marijuana that often produces a calm quiet and/or sleep-inducing high, not an active high

·        Heat

·        Henry - UK term for 1/8 ounce of marijuana, from King Henry VIII

·        Hemp

·        Herb -- from the appearance of dried cannabis; extensively used in Jamaica (pronounced 'erb)

·        Herbals (sometimes colloquially spelled as Herbalz)

·        High

·        High-Grade -- expensive marijuana with a high THC content; often Kind-Bud

·        Hippie Lettuce--used commonly on "The Jungle Radio Show with Jim Rome"

·        Hog-Leg -- a fat joint or blunt that resembles the stubby/thick leg of a hog

·        Holy-Roller -- a joint rolled with bible paper

·        Home Grown -- fresh picked marijuana, or marijuana grown inside a house, with the exception of a greenhouse.

·        Honeycomb --a particular type of joint created through rolling several small joints together (ideally resembling the structure of a honeycomb when viewed in cross-section).

·        Hooter -- a joint

·        Hoots -- can mean joints, or bud not yet rolled into joints/ Normaly refers to a hit on dose

·        Hooda

·        Hydro -- short for hydroponics, a method of growing marijuana indoors using a nutrient solution in lieu of soil

·        Ice Cream -- used in telephone conversation to avoid illicit terminology, im going to "eat" that "ice cream" out of a bowl

·        Indian -- a game in which one person takes a drag from a joint, blunt, etc., while the other holds it in and cannot release air until the other finished their hit

·        Ish

·        J -- abbreviation for a marijuana joint

·        Janjaweed -- taken from the Janjaweed, the armed militia group found in Darfur; a pun combination of both ganja and weed

·        Jax -- a £5 bag of cannabis.

·        Jason Wheatley -- Chester term (popular with students from the northeast)

·        Judy Fly -- a marijuana joint or cigar with a bit of cocaine powder added

·        Jungle -- a term describing a joint comprised of a mixture of cannabis and hashish

·        K.B. -- short for Kine-Bud (also, Kind-Bud or Kynd-Bud)

·        K.G.B. -- killer-green-bud

·        Kaya -- a strain of marijuana known for being used by Bob Marley

·        Killer -- kind bud (also marijuana laced with PCP)

·        Kill -- the end of a joint. eg "kill that shit". also short for killer marijuana (i.e. the kill)

·        Kilroy

·        Kind-Bud -- a high-grade and usually expensive strain of marijuana; often grown indoors

·        Kind

·        Kolto

·        Kona Gold -- a high quality weed grown on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

·        Kraut

·        Kronic -- see "Chronic"

·        Kryptonite -- from the green substance that weakens Superman

·        Kynd -- a European variant of Kind

·        L -- a marijuana cigar (see Blunt)

·        La-LaLa

·        Lang -- Coined in North Kingstown, Rhode Island circa 2005

·        Leaf

·        Left Handed Cigarette -- a marijuana joint

·        Leon Mcarthy-For very powerful weed

·        Lid -- a bag of weed

·        Longbottom Leaf -- referring to the Longbottom Leaf smoked throughout the Lord of the Rings

·        Lows -- low-grade marijuana that is usually cheap and not very potent (see Schwag)

·        M

·        Manitoba Hydro -- Slang name for marijuana produced hydroponically in the Canadian Province of Manitoba. "Manitoba Hydro" is the name of the publicly-owned electric power utlity in Manitoba; the use of large amounts of electricity to run a hydroponic operation inspired the name.

·        Marihuana (variant of Marijuana)

·        Marijuana -- word originates in Mexican Spanish

·        Mary

·        Mary Jane -- literal translation of Marijuana

·        Maui Wowie -- high quality weed grown on the island of Maui, Hawaii

·        Mersh -- Slang for 'Commercial"

·        Methtical -- hip-hop slang from the rap-group The Wu-Tang Clan (see Method Man)

·        Method

·        Mid-Grade -- marijuana which is above-average but below high-grade in terms of potency

·        Middies -- a variant of Mid-Grade (also spelled Middys)

·        "Mids" -- another variant of "Mid-Grade"

·        Mint

·        M.J. -- short for Mary Jane

·        Mota

·        Mull -- Australian term

·        Muggles

·        Murphy

·        Musty Marty

·        Nederweed -- varieties of high quality cannabis developed in the Netherlands, esp. Amsterdam.

·        Neihe -- pronounced "near-he"; originated in Trinidad (Monos Island); neihe is usually shouted out in the duttiest fashion possible

·        Nine-bar -- Nine ounces of cannabis.

·        Nordle -- from the autobiography of the world's largest cannabis smuggler, 'Mr Nice' Howard Marks.

·        Nug -- term for exotic marijuana

·        Nuggets -- resinous Nuggets of cannabis buds

·        Nuggs -- shortened variant of Nuggets

·        Nugglets -- comic variant of Nuggs

·        O -- abbreviation for an ounce of marijuanas

·        Ooh-Wee -- weed that makes the smoker act "crazy"

·        Onion -- slang meaning ounce used only to avoid more obvious connotations when using the more common term "O"

·        Ooot -- Slang term for cannabis cigarette

·        Old Toby

·        Oscar--Ounce of Marijuana (Australia)

·        Out-Do

·        Oregano -- Very bad Marijuana, named so for it's similarity to the herb

·        Pappa C's funky space boots

·        Pasta

·        The Peeping Jesus

·        Phat Sack -- a large quantity of marijuana found within a single bag

·        Piet -- joint in Holland

·        Pito -- Chilean Term

·        Piff, or Mr. Piff

·        Po-Pa- slang for marijuana or the act of smoking marijuana

·        Politics

·        Pollo -- joint in Puerto Rico

·        Poke Smot -- a semi-(spoonerism), as opposed to smoke pot; used frequently in Waterloo, Ontario

·        Poor Man's Hash -- black stuff from stem of pipe or bong, when smoked

·        Porro -- Argentinian term

·        Pot -- from Mexican Spanish Potiguaya, cannabis leaves; very common slang

·        Pothead -- Frequent cannabis smoker

·        Puff

·        Punders - Makes your pubic hairs fall out

·        Purp -- see purple

·        Purple -- a very high quality marijuana that turns purple from growing the marijuana in a cold location. in warm, humid countries they use air conditioning units to lower the room temperature.

·        Purple Urple -- stemming from the strain Purple Kush common use in rap lyrics V-town

·        Purps -- short for "Purple Haze," an extremely potent strain

·        Q -- a quarter ounce of marijuana 7gm.

·        QP --a quarter pound of marijuana 112gm.

·        Quap --a quarter pound of marijuana 112gm

·        Quarter -- 1/4 ounce of marijuana.

·        Rasta Plant -- from the Rastafari movement

·        Reef -- a shortened variant of Reefer

·        Reefer -- A generic name for marijuana, generally, better than schwag. In some contexts, it refers specifically to a cannabis cigarette with no tobacco

·        Regs -- "Regular" marijuana, not high-quality.

·        Relish

·        R.G.B. -- Really Good Bud; a term for marijuana that is better than schwag but not as good as KGB

·        Rube -- Marijuana

·        Rope -- a joint, "smoke a rope"

·        Salad -- separate strains of cannabis mixed and smoked together, or a joint of cannabis and hashish

·        Schwag -- below-average marijuana which is usually very cheap; schwag is often smuggled in to the USA from Mexico (Mexican Brick Schwag); many teenagers begin their "marijuana experience" smoking schwag because it is extremely cheap and very accessible to the general public

·        Score -- £20 worth of marijuana

·        Scraps -- Specific term used to describe the low grade parts of the plant (ie stalks)

·        Scruebed -- Extremely high

·        Sensi -- a shortened variant of Sensemilla

·        Sensemilia -- Spanish sin semilla, "without seeds"; unfertilized female cannabis buds

·        Session, Sesh a smoke out session

·        Sess (sometimes spelled as Cess) see "schwag"

·        Shake -- loose cannabis flakes that have fallen off of the bud into the bottom of the bag; also known as scrapes

·        Shake n' Bake -- Smoking Marijuana after engaging in sexual intercourse

·        Shifty -- Common effect of extensive cannabis use, resulting in: quietness, staring into space, grinning.

·        Shit

·        Shrubs

·        Sizzla --potent marijuana

·        Skunk -- a particular cannabis strain; from its distinctive, skunky smell

·        Sky

·        Smoke

·        Smoke a sac -- to smoke some marijuana

·        Soul Flower

·        Spliff -- a joint mixed with tobacco (from either a cigarette or rolling tobacco)

·        Stank -- highly aromatic marijuana

·        Stash

·        Stick -- $25 worth of marijuana, also called a Twenty-Fiver

·        Sticky -- marijuana that is particularly resinous

·        Sticky Icky -- marijuana that is particularly resinous

·        Sticky Black -- (or sticky brown) used to refer to particually sticky resin

·        Stress -- lower grade marijuana characterized by the presence of seeds and stems

·        Striijj -- pronounced "Streeeege," from slang used in Toronto, Canada

·        Stuff -- often used over the phone for those buyers/sellers paranoid or wary of being busted by the police

·        Swamp Grass -- term used in Florida for pot grown by country-boys/rednecks in the backwood areas

·        SWED- Smoke -- Weed Every Day

·        Sweet Leaf --Term used by the band Black Sabbath.

·        Sweets -- Used in conjuction with "sweet tooth." (When one has a craving for the drug)

·        Tack -- Southeast Irish term for hashish

·        Tai Alon - Term used in Northeast, esp. New Jersey and Massachusetts, after well known marijuana


·        Tea -- early 20th-century slang

·        Ten Draw -- half an 1/8th of an ounce, equal to £10

·        Texas Red

·        That Shit

·        The Shit That Killed Elvis -- really dank shit from down souf'

·        Thump! Thump! Thump!

·        The J O Experience - A legendary gathering of individuals to join together and experience/enjoy the smoking of cannabis

·        The Wizard

·        Throw Bread -- to smoke marijuana; one can also toss-a-slice

·        Time -- often used over the phone, as in: How much time do you need?

·        Tical -- slang term for medicinal marijuana. coined by rap-group The Wu-Tang Clan and more specifically Method Man.

·        Toob -- A bong

·        Towels -- reference to South Park character Towelie

·        Trees -- from the resemblance of marijuana buds to leafy tree-greens

·        Tro -- 1/8 oz. (3.5 gram) bag of marijuana

·        Troy Aikman

·        Turtle -- slang term. coined by rapper E-40. the term is derived from how marijuana is green and makes you slow.

·        Tweed

·        Twenty-Fiver -- $25 worth of marijuana, also called a stick

·        Two-Fiver -- $25 worth of marijuana

·        Twomp -- $20 worth of marijuana

·        Wacky Baccy

·        Wacky Tabacky -- from tobacco

·        Wacky Weed

·        Wag -- shortened from Schwag

·        Wake 'n' Bake -- To smoke right when you wake up, sometimes before even getting out of bed.

·        Weed -- very common slang

·        Weasle feed

·        White Widow -- a strain of marijuana from Amsterdam

·        Willie Pants -- spilling marijuana on pants while rolling a joint

·        Woodle

·        woof -- rhymes with choof, an Australian term

·        Wooze

·        Yaa

Yandi (rhymes with gahndi and is Australian Aboriginal term)

·        Yeah

·        Yeska

·        Yoda

·        Z -- one ounce of Marijuana

·        Zip --One Oz of Marijuana

·        Zol" -- South African Kasi Slang

·        Zone --One Oz of Marijuana

·        Zoot -- a joint of marijuana, popular in the UK



·        Backwards

·        Baccy -- Loose cut tobacoo.

·        Bad boy

·        Bay-bays

·        Baynards

·        Blem

·        Blemdem

·        Browndizzle

·        Browndem

·        Boges

·        Bogeys

·        Burn -- In UK Prisons " you have any Burn?" is do you have any tobacco.

·        Butt

·        Cancer sticks

·        Cancers

·        Cats

·        Cigs

·        Ciggies'

·        Ciglers UK

·        Ciggy wiggy dillies

·        Clove

·        Coffin nails

·        Cowboy killers

·        Dangs

·        Darts

·        Deathstick

·        Decks -- NW England (refers to number in pack i.e 10 Deck, 20 Deck)

·        Digs

·        Drag

·        Dugans -- especially in NYC

·        Durries -- in Australia

·        Fags -- the term "fag" is used more commonly in the United Kingdom and some commonwealth countries whereas in the United States and Canada it is primarily a derogatory term for a male homosexual

·        Freedom Sticks

·        Gaspers

·        Glory Sticks

·        Gorts

·        Grants -- A common phrase used for asking someone for a cigarette is "Can you grant me a grant?

·        Grits

·        Grout

·        Gwan gwigs

·        Hairy rags

·        Hausersticks

·        Jacks

·        Joes -- taken from "Joe Camel", an old Camel cigarettes mascot

·        Lamps

·        Loosey -- a single cigarette

·        Lung darts

·        Magic Dragons

·        Pucho -- mapudungun term wich means 'leftovers, actually much used to refer to cigarretes.

·        Refries -- already used cigarettes being relit and smoked

·        Rollies -- self-rolled cigarettes

·        Ronnies -- in UK

·        Saves -- when you give the last two or three drags on a cigarette

·        Shorts -- The last 2 or 3 hits of a cigarette

·        Smokey Treats

·        Smokes

·        Smurt -- the remains of found, discarded cigarette butts hand-rolled into a cigarette

·        Snouts

·        Square -- cigarettes lose their cylindrical shape and become rectangular prisms when a full pack of cigarettes is "packed". This term may also refer to the shape of a pack of cigarettes before filters came into fashion.

·        Steeze

·        Stoages,

Chicago slang

·        Snout

·        Stick

·        Stogies

·        Stokes

·        Stompies -- South Africa

·        Straights -- for factory rolled ones

·        Super Saves -- when you give the very last drag to a friend - UK

·        Sweet cancer

·        Tabs -- NE England

·        Tailors -- short for "tailor made" (machine rolled), only in New Zealand and Australia

·        Troggs -- in L.A.

·        Twos -- Smoking only half of the cigarette and giving the other half to a friend, used in the UK



·        256 -- "BLO" on a telephone keypad

·        7 up -- 7 grams (1/4 ounce)

·        8 ball -- 3.5 grams (1/8 ounce)

·        A1-Yola

·        Balls Mahoney

·        Bernice

·        Bing or Bing Crosby -- Boston area

·        Blow-- coke (NOTE: blow is becoming a more common way to refer to snorted heroin)

·        Bogota Bullion

·        Bolivian Marching Powder

·        Booger Sugar

·        Brooke Shields - Bay Area reference (see white girl)

·        Butter Sandwich(es) -- Philadelphia area



·        California Cornflakes

·        Cane

·        Chabbie

·        Chach

·        Champagne -- from its nickname "the champagne of stimulants"

·        Chandi -- Indian Street term to define cocaine, meaning pleasure + paradise + winning emotions

·        Charlie

·        Chinese Sky Candy

·        Ching -- resembling a cash-register, because of how expensive cocaine is

·        Clarkycat

·        Co-ca-ee-na (phonetic, from Spanish)

·        Coco-Puff -- marijuanna joint rolled with cocaine

·        Coke -- shortened form of cocaine

·        Cola

·        Colombian Dancing Dust

·        Colombian Foot Soldiers

·        Colombian Marching Powder

·        Cookie

·        Coover(s)

·        Cornbread -- crack cocaine

·        Cotton Brothers -- cocaine, heroin and morphine

·        Crack - crack cocaine is cocaine which has undergone chemical alteration so it can be smoked or "free-based"

·        Crill -- a piece of crack

·        Cuch

·        Dart -- Used in conjuction with a 'throw' (light) i.e. "you got a throw for my dart?"

·        Devil's Dandruff

·        Dust

·        Dutch Bliss -- Particularly potent Colombian blend

·        Fat White Lady (ladies) - Refers to a line or lines of cocaine

·        Flake

·        Freebase -- to smoke cocaine

·        Gak

·        Gas (specifically referencing high quality cocaine)

·        Girl

·        Gold Dust

·        Gooka

·        Hamburger(s) -- from "Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams"

·        Happy Trails

·        Hocus-Pocus

·        Hollywood -- mentioned in "Rock & Roll Heart" by Eric Clapton

·        Jessica Simpson -- Detroit area

·        Johnny -- Talked to Johnny lately?

·        Jonko -- Dutch term

·        Kate -- Jersey City area

·        Kitty

·        Lady, Lady C

·        llello -- the Spanish word for cocaine, the misspelling of which lead to "yay" and "yayo" or "yao."

·        Lines

·        Lucifer Left-Nostril

·        Mr. B.

·        Nighttrain

·        Nose Candy

·        Perico (Spanish for parrot) --Hispanic term.

·        Peruvian Marching Powder

·        Powder -- self descriptive

·        Rails - refers to "lines" of cocaine

·        Roseanne Barr - see "fat white lady"

·        Rocks -- crack cocaine

·        Scotty -- as in, "Beam me up, Scotty"

·        Shit -- crack

·        Shnazzle

·        Showbiz Sherbert

·        Skeezell -- A bump

·        Skeeter

·        Skiing -- doing coke "lets go skiing"

·        Sleigh Ride

·        Snai -- Southern California term "Let's go get some Snai" pronounced SNAY

·        Sniff -- UK

·        Snow -- cocaine as a powder resembles very fine snow (see Ski Bunnies)

·        Snow Train

·        Snowballing - pertains to the act of taking cocaine ["Dude, are you snowballin?] or a user thereof ["Is she a snowball?] [used in the USA Midwest]

·        Soft

·        Squib -- a piece of crack

·        Sutta

·        Tony -- after Tony Montana from Scarface

·        Toot -- "tooting" is the act of "insufflating" or snorting, and can be done with any powdered substance with varying degrees of success.

·        White

·        White Girl

·        White Lady

·        White Lion

·        White Pony

·        Yadidi -- (pr. Yah-did-eye) shortened from Bay Area slang "yadidimean" to mean "do you know what i mean"

·        Yak -- Southwestern colliquial.

·        Yale

·        Yams -- Orlando area

·        Yay

·        Yao -- pronounced "yay-O"

·        Yay-yo, or just "yay"

·        Yeyo -- from Scarface: "Chichi, get the lleyo" (also featured in hip-hop lyrics)

·        Yiz

·        Yola

·        stuff

·        "butt sniff"



·        Triple C's -- Abbreviation for Coricidin Cough and Cold.

·        Triple Sod

·        Dex

·        Dexed -- To be high on dextromethorphan.

·        Dose -- The act of consuming dextromethorphan; verbal Play on the manner in which one is supposed to "dose" non-recreational quantities of dextromethorphan.

·        DXM -- Abbreviation for dextromethorphan.

·        Robotripping -- Dextromethorphan; refers specifically to getting high on DXM by drinking bottles of Robitussin brand cough syrup.

·        Robo

·        Skittles -- Dextromethorphan gel caps; refers to using Coricidin gel caps to get high because of their resemblance to red skittles candy. This is commonly found in news articles about dextromethorphan use.

·        Skittling -- Using or being under the influence of DXM gel caps or Coricidin.

·        Tussin -- Generic term for cough syrup such as Robitussin


Ecstasy (MDMA)

·        [clicking noise with tongue] - to pop e

·        Adam

·        Bacalao (Salt Cod) -- used in Spain. Also used to refer to electronica music.

·        Beans

·        Candies

·        Candy Flipping - combination of Ecstasy and LSD

·        Disco Biscuits- after the band of the same name

·        Dancing Shoes - phone slang

·        Doves

·        E

·        E-bombs

·        Eccies (glaswegian)

·        Ecstasy

·        Ecstasy Tablets

·        Egg Rolls

·        Essence

·        Ex

·        Ebeneezer -- From the song Ebeneezer Goode which featured the refrain "Eezer Good, Eezer Good, Ebeneezer Good."

·        Flip - to do ecstacy

·        Flipper

·        Fuckstasy

·        Garys Rhyming slang. Named after liverpudlian football player Gary Ablett (Tablet)in England, and coincidentally in Australia, after an Aussie Rules footballer of the same name following drug contraversy surrounding him.

·        Gurners/Gurns

·        Hug

·        Jack and jills, or simply Jills -- English Cockney rhyming slang

·        Junnov -- an East European slang, symbolizing the droppings

·        Love Drug

·        Love potion

·        Madman -- (MaDMAn)

·        Malcolm -- As in Malcolm X, X, Ecstasy

·        Mandy

·        Mitsu's -- named after the infamous Mitsubishi Ecstasy pills of the late 1990s to early 2000s

·        Mollys- Pure MDMA tabs

·        Pills

·        Pingers

·        Rolls -- in Mid-Atlanic/Great Lakes slang, a user is said to be "Rolling," or "Rolling Balls"

·        CCC -- used for the pill Coricdin HBP Cold And Cough, refers to the three C's on the pill.

·        Scooby Snacks -- Reference to Scooby Doo, and the fairly inhebriated state of the characters

·        Sextasy -- a slang term for the combination of the drugs MDMA (ecstasy) and sildenafil citrate (aka Viagra®)

·        Slits

·        Smartees

·        Sweets

·        Tablets

·        Thizz -- Bay Area

·        Thizzing -- Refers to being high on Ecstacy, a very common Bay Area term made by the deceased rapper Mac Dre

·        Vitamin E

·        Vowels

·        X

·        XTC

·        Yokes-Dublin slang



·        Fantasy -- GHB

·        GHB -- (not a nickname, rather the short form of the chemical notation)

·        G -- (Short form)

·        Georgia Home Boy -- GHB

·        GBH -- 'Greivous Bodily Harm,' highlighting to the use of GHB as a date rape drug.

·        Liquid Ecstacy -- Gammahydroxybutyrate GHB

·        Somatomax

·        Swirl

·        Scoop



·        A bomb -- if smoked in a cigarette

·        Amelia

·        Antifreeze

·        "Big H"

·        Black

·        Black Girl

·        Black Tar -- low quality heroin, which Kurt Cobain used for his last fix

·        blast

·        Bobby Brown

·        Boy

·        Brad -- a reference to Brad Nowell, a musician who overdosed on heroin

·        Brown

·        Brown Sugar

·        Mr. Brownstone

·        Caballo -- in Spanish, horse

·        Captain Jack -- rhyming slang for smack

·        Chasing the Tiger or Chasing the Dragon -- refers to smoking heroin

·        Cheese

·        Chicken -- from the similarity of needle mark rows to chicken scratches, mentioned by Bob Dylan in "Tombstone Blues"

·        China White -- may also be the much more powerful narcotic fentanyl; common in the Los Angeles area

·        Chinese Rocks -- high-purity crystalline heroin

·        Chiva

·        Chunks

·        coffee

·        Cotton Brothers -- cocaine, heroin and morphine

·        Cotton Candy -- from the use of cotton as a filter for injection, mentioned in "Babylon Sisters" by Steely Dan

·        Diesel- Common slang used in New York

·        Dog Food

·        Dookey Rocks

·        Dope - Common slang used in Philadelphia

·        Dragon -- when smoked, the thick smoke of heroin is said to resemble the tail of a dragon (hence Chasing the Dragon)

·        Black Dragon

·        57 Chevy -- from the Eric Clapton song "Rock 'N' Roll Heart"

·        fix

·        Gear

·        Ghost

·        Golden Brown -- from the color of heroin

·        Goods

·        Goop

·        H -- shortened form of Heroin

·        H-bomb

·        Hairpiece

·        Hammer

·        Harriet Tubman

·        Harry

·        Hero

·        Heron

·        Homicide

·        Hop

·        Horse

·        Jack Bauer -- reference to SEASON 3 of 24

·        Jesus (mentioned by James Taylor in "Fire and Rain")

·        Grape Jolly Rancher

·        Junk

·        Kaka Water

·        Lady H

·        Layne -- a reference to Layne Staley (lead singer of Alice in Chains who died from an overdose)

+*Mexican Black Tar -- low quality heroin imported into the US from Mexico

·        Mexican Dirt

·        Mexican Mud

·        Montego

·        Noddy Brown

·        Oddy Noddy

·        P-dope

·        Pepper

·        Poppy

·        Rain

·        Rob Flaherty

·        Scag

·        Shit

·        Smack -- from the action of smacking the arm to produce a prominent vein in which to inject the drug

·        slam

·        sludge

·        Snow

·        Suicide

·        Tar

·        The Nax

·        White Bitch

·        White girl

·        White Tiger

·        of course my horse

·        H22



·        Cat Tranquilizer, Horse Tranquilizer, etc -- from its use as a veterinary anaesthetic

·        K -- shortened form of Ketamine

·        Keezy

·        Ket

·        Kenny

·        K-Hole -- disassociated hallucinogenic state at higher doses

·        Kitty

·        Kitty Flipping -- a combination of Ketamine and ecstasy

·        Old Man -- as opposed to Madman (slang for Mdma/ecstacy)

·        Regretamine

·        Special K -- humorous; from the breakfast cereal of the same name

·        Super K

·        Vetamine

·        Vitamin K

·        K wire

·        KFC

·        Wonky



·        Cat

·        Chat

·        Clarkie cat

·        Qat

·        Quaadka



·        Acid

·        Acid tabs

·        Alice -- from Alice in Wonderland's psychedelic adventures.

·        Alphabet

·        Blotters -- from the blotter paper it comes on.

·        California Sunshine

·        Doses

·        DSL -- LSD backwards

·        Eye Candy -- LSD sold in Visine bottles

·        Glories -- When taken in the form of Morning Glory Seeds.

·        Lavender

·        L

·        Lucy in the sky with diamonds -- slang originally from The Beatles song about a painting done by Lennon's son.

·        Magic Tickets -- pieces of paper containing LSD.

·        Microdots -- from tiny tablets.

·        Paper -- from the blotter paper it comes on.

·        Rips -- Abbreviation of "trips"

·        Cid-drip the entertainer-- (cedric the entertainer) witty and humorous slang term for acid

·        Sugar cubes

·        Square dancing tickets

·        Tabs -- LSD is sometimes blotted onto sheets of paper, cut up into little squares called tabs

·        Timothy Leary Ticket

·        Trade names -- e.g. Strawberries, Orange Sunshine, Felix; tabs are often illustrated, and specific batches named after the illustration or color of paper used.

·        Tickets - often used to describe blotter paper

·        Trip -- note than an LSD experience is known as a trip; being on LSD is known as tripping

·        Uncle Sidney, Uncle Sid, Sid, Syd (as in Syd Barrett), 'Cid -- contraction of A-cid

·        White lightning

·        Window Pane - from the gelatin windows it comes on.

·        Yellow sunshine



·        Cactus

·        Dusty

·        M

·        Mesc

·        Peyote

·        Pixie sticks -- for the dream-like hallucinations induced by consumption



·        Amp -- from Amphetamine.

·        Batu

·        Billy -- A reference to Billy Whizz a British comic character who could move at high speeds, featured in the Beano comics

·        Cale Gerst

·        Champagne

·        Chris

·        Christina

·        Crank -- non-crystalline methamphetamine powder prepared for insufflation or injection

·        Crystal -- from the crystalline form of pure methamphetamine

·        Crystal Meth

·        Devil's Dandruff -- a term common within law enforcement. Brought to popularity by the US-based A&E TV Show "Dog the Bounty Hunter".

·        Dope -- a term for drugs in general but also used for meth

·        Fluff -- crank of higher quality, commonly in powdered form

·        G -- From "glass".

·        Gak

·        Geek

·        Glass - from the shards that resemble pieces of glass

·        Goose-Egg

·        Go or Go Fast

·        Go Pills -- military slang, especially pilots (see history of WWII: Japan, Germany, USA)

·        Ice -- from the appearance of crystalline methamphetamine, resembling ice

·        Ink -- reference to "pen" short for penetentiary. this refers to the extremely harsh legal penalties for possession, use or distribution of the drug.

·        Jenny Crank -- instead of Jenny Craig. From the idea that Methamphetamine makes you lose weight. In

·        Jib -- Canadian Meth

·        Meth

·        Methedrine -- a brand name

·        P -- short for 'Pure'

·        Pervatine -- produced in the Czech Republic

·        Philopon

·        Poor man's Cocaine

·        Poot

·        Pure

·        Redneck cocaine

·        Rudy -- a reference to Rudies or Rude Boys

·        Sean

·        Shabu -- Japanese street name

·        Shards -- resembles glass or crystal shards

·        Shit

·        Speed -- applicable also to any stimulants of the amphetamine class

·        Tanner

·        Terry

·        Texas Tea

·        Tina -- from 'Christina'

·        Tik -- South African street name

·        Twack

·        Tweak

·        uppers

·        Whiz

·        Yaba -- a powerful Asian meth tablet contain caffeine, often colored and flavored

·        Zip

"chicken feed"



·        Adolf

·        Block

·        C & M -- refers to the use of cocaine and morphine simultaneously

·        Cotton Brothers -- cocaine, heroin and morphine

·        Cube

·        Dreamer

·        Drugstore Dope

·        Emsel

·        First line

·        German boy

·        God's drug

·        Goma

·        Gunk

·        Hardcore

·        Hardstuff -- refers to both heroin and morphine

·        Hospital Heroin

·        Hows

·        Hydrogen Bomb

·        M

·        Miss Emma

·        Mojo

·        Morfs

·        Morphia

·        Morphina

·        Mr. Blue

·        MS

·        Mud

·        Murphy

·        Nasty

·        Nazi

·        New Jack Swing -- heroin and morphine

·        Unkie

·        White Stuff



·        51er -- A joint or blunt filled with marijuana and a line of cocaine.

·        Ambien tripping -- Term used to describe the strange psychedelic effects following the ingestion of multiple Ambien or Lunesta pills.

·        Candyflip -- LSD-25 and MDMA.

·        Cyclo -- Nickname for Cyclobenzaprine

·        Cyclone -- Nickname for Cyclobenzaprine, also the name of a brand of blunt papers.

·        Eve -- MDEA

·        Foxy -- Nickname for the club drug 5Meo-DIPT

·        Gary Edelstein -- MDMA from rhyming slang for Gary Ablett, Tablet

·        Hippy crack -- Nitrous Oxide

·        Hippy flip -- Magic mushrooms and MDMA.

·        Nevadito -- From Spanish, snowy. A joint or blunt filled with marijuana or tobacco and a line of cocaine.

·        Nexus -- 2C-B.

·        Pink Panther -- Diphenhydramine/Dramamine; refers to pink color of diphenhydramine preparations such as Benadryl.

·        Rush aka Rushbo -- Can refer to Oxycodone and/or Viagra, mixed together or with any other drug.

·        Sextasy -- a slang term for the combination of the drugs MDMA (ecstasy) and sildenafil citrate (aka Viagra®)

·        Ska -- Slang term for Salvia Divinorum, also called Ska Pastora.

·        Sleepeasy -- Term for sleeping pills such as Ambien, Lunesta, and Trazedone.

·        Sleepers -- Sleeping pills

·        Speedball -- Cocaine mixed with heroin; cause of most hard drug overdoses.

·        Whippets -- Nitrous Oxide

pain killers

·        "bin laden" -- referring to the effects of marijuana meaning "kill" originated on the southeastside of chicago


Other Opiates

·        AC/DC -- Codeine cough syrup

·        Bam -- Demerol

·        Beans -- Oxycodone

·        Cough Syrup -- refers mostly to Codeine, but also Hydrocodone occasionally

·        Duncan Flockharts --Dihydrocodeine, from DF118

·        DFs -- from DF118, a brand name of the chemical Dihydrocodeine

·        Dikes -- from Diconal a brand name for Dipipanone and cyclizine

·        Dikies -- from Diconal a brand name for Dipipanone and cyclizine

·        Diffs -- brand name DHC Continus, chemical name Dihydrocodeine

·        Dillies -- Hydromorphone

·        Doses -- Methadone

·        Hillbilly Heroin -- Hydromorphone, and more recently Oxycodone

·        Juice - Methadone

·        Nubian -- from Nalbuphine hydrochloride

·        OC -- Oxycodone

·        Orange County -- used to avoid illicit terminology on the phone: "Have you been..." or "Do you wanna go..." Oxycodone

·        Phy -- from Physeptone, a brand name for methadone

·        Rushbo-- Oxycodone

·        Schoolboy -- Codeine

·        T3 -- Codeine

·        Tems -- brand name Temgesic, chemical name Buprenorphine

·        Vikes -- Vicodin (Hydrocodone)



·        Angel

·        Angel Dust

·        Cyclone

·        Disembalming Fluid

·        Dust

·        Hog

·        Ice

·        Juicy (when smoked with marijuana)

·        Krystal

·        Love Boat

·        Magic dust

·        Mesk

·        Monkey dust

·        PCP

·        Rocketfuel

·        Sherm or Sherms Sherman Hemsley

·        Sugar

·        Wack

·        Wet


Psychedelic mushrooms

·        Benzies

·        Blue Rimmers

·        Boomers

·        Caps

·        Fun Gus

·        Fun Guys

·        Fungus

·        Goombas

·        Gus

·        Jesus

·        Lalkas

·        Magic Mushrooms

·        Mucks

·        Muggers

·        Mushies

·        Pizza Toppings

·        Shrooms, Shroomies

·        Smurfhats

·        Toads

·        Umbrellas

·        Yellow Bentines

·        Zoomers

·        Flygarics - a form of magic mushroom (Amanita muscaria) which does not contain Psilocybin, or Psilocyn, the active ingrediant in standard magic mushroom.


All text of this article available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (see Copyrights for details).

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