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Laguna Beach Drug Rehab Program
Darik Brain
Miramar Recovery 339 Jasmine Street Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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    Our Philosophy

    Successful, lasting healing from drug and alcohol abuse and dual diagnosis issues is a reality. We witness this every day at our facility. With expert, individualized treatment, you or your loved one can be fully healed and live a happy, productive life.

    Underlying Causes of Addictive Behavior

    We clearly understand that substance abuse is a manifestation of deeper, underlying and unresolved issues. People use alcohol or drugs in an effort to alleviate or manage the pain and distress in their lives. Whether it's physical, emotional, or mental, the root cause of this pain and distress must be addressed and treated in order for proper, lasting healing to occur. If not, any recovery or improvement is surface deep and very temporary, at best.

    Key to Successful Healing

    By comprehensively treating the underlying emotional, psychological, and physical issues that cause abusive and destructive behavior, permanent healing occurs. This is the key - address and treats the underlying causes, and the surface behaviors and symptoms resolve. The need to seek relief or to self-medicate through alcohol or drugs is gone. We accomplish this healing through a highly individualized, highly attentive program in an exclusive, safe, and very comfortable environment.

    Our Method of Healing

    Our clients overcome and resolve their deeper issues and achieve permanent healing through the work of our expert therapists, our comprehensive treatment protocols, and our world-class treatment environment. Individual therapy is our focus. Our clients don't spend their days with 10-20-30 or more clients in over-crowded classrooms, or big motivational groups; they don't travel to and from off-site offices or commercial centers for 'bulk' treatment. Our clients spend all of their time in our private, serene residences, participating in individual, one-on-one therapy, and in very small group therapy sessions, adjunctive, supportive treatments, and other activities, where the focus is on the individual, not the massive group. Our results are miraculous.

    We invite you to call now so that we can answer any questions or provide further explanation of how we can treat and heal you or your loved one. We welcome the opportunity to help.

    Laguna Beach Drug Rehab Program

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