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DRUG REHAB THAT WORKS™ - Drug Rehab and Drug Addiction Treatment Services
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    Drug Rehab That Works

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    Drug Rehab - Important facts!

    Twelve-step programs:

    45% of the people who attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings never return after their first meeting.
    95% never return after the first year.

    Based on Alcoholics Anonymous World Services' own statistics Alcoholics Anonymous has only a 5% retention rate.

    Those who leave AA look elsewhere, such as conventional alcohol and drug treatment for solutions, but 97% of conventional drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centers are 12 step or AA based, thus individuals essentially rejoin AA.

    Between 80 and 90% of all addicts entering a twelve-step based treatment program will have a relapse in the first year!

    When examining drug abuse statistics, it's important to understand that a drug is any substance taken into the body that chemically alters one or more of its functions. All drugs are essentially poisons and the amount taken determines the effect. All drugs also have side effects.

    People use drugs for a seemingly endless variety of reasons, making the situation seem much more complex than it needs to be. The one thing they all have in common is that there is some unwanted physical or mental condition that doesn't appear to have an immediate solution.

    Somewhere along the line a drug is presented to them as the solution to their problem and it temporarily seems to work, so they turn to drugs again when that problem or a similar one arises in the future. Although drugs may appear to provide relief from the condition, they don't actually solve the problem, and because of the impaired perceptions and side effects they eventually leave one in a condition even worse. Add to that the increased tolerance for the substance and the physical and mental dependence, and it's no wonder how so many people get caught in the trap.

    How our program is different:

    Our program steps are entirely drug-free; that is, the program does not use drugs or medications to solve the problems caused by drugs, but does use nutrition and nutritional supplements as an important component of its delivery. Thus the program is neither a psychiatric nor medical, but a social education model of rehabilitation.

    Persons enrolling in the program must receive full medical physicals, an M.D.'s permission to do the program and periodic medical review as individually needed. However, clients are not considered or treated as "patients" but as "students" who are learning to regain control of their lives. This is an important distinction. A student does not enroll to recover from an "illness"; he enrolls to learn something that he doesn't already know. He addresses the disability caused by drug use with new abilities, new skills for life.

    The good news is that our International network of 120 programs in 40 countries gets results!

    Drug Rehab That Works
    Treatment Programs

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