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2/12/2009 - Posted by:
Intervention 911
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    Here is emails dated 1/18- 2/11 You will love how this worked out..

    I would just like to thank Ken for his support and dedication to his
    job.  It is 5 months since our intervention with Ken and I am proud to
    say my husband has been in tmt for 14 days.  Ken brought me the
    education I needed, the best tmt facility and a caring ear to listen.
    Thanks to Ken my sons will get their father back and I will have my
    husband back.  Ken is a credit to his profession and the compassion and
    support he gives a client goes above and beyond.  His dedication to
    helping others is amazing.  I will always be grateful and advise anyone
    who doubts the power of an intervention, then you haven't had it
    done by the best.  Everyone has a bottom and Ken helped me through that
    process.  What is the other alternative, death.  Ken keep doing what you
    do best, one intervention at a time. 


    Next email I received when her husband was in treatment and they went to visit him, after 5 months of working with her to get him there..

    First off, what a great facility, staff and education process they give you is amazing.  Then the second part to that is my husband.  What a transformation in just 2 weeks, I haven't seen him cry or express any emotion in a long, long time.  He broke down at least 10 times, couldn't get over how stupid he was, that he almost lost us for a drink.  The amazing piece was when he and my son saw each other for the first time, they cried together and held each other for about 10 minutes.  Max told Mike about talking to Father Jerry and how he prayed and God granted his wish.  my husband. told him its a good thing to pray and said when he comes home we can all pray together before we go to bed.  My husband. said to me I can't believe how great I feel after 2 weeks, I can't wait to see what the next 2 weeks will bring me.  It was a great weekend.  Now the aftercare comes in and setting up his boundaries.  I will be working with his counselor for that piece, I would really like him to continue on with the transitional care, however he is looking at extensive OP tmt, with his dr 35 weeks + AA 90 in 90 days+hooking up with his sponsor day one)


    You have taught me so much, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

    Next email I received, she see some red flags


    Here is another red flag.....On 01/22/2008 I had phoned because my husband’s doctor wanted the labs re-ran to check his billirubin, along with what his levels are at since 01/08/2009, and I phoned today to get those for the doctor, however in my husband’s chart, written in red ink, he refused to have the labs drawn.  His therapist was not aware of this refusal, I would think the nursing staff would have made the counselor aware of this.

    Next email I received when he finished treatment and went home with our recovery aid Peter

    Amazing.....He was crying when we got home, because for the first time he
    see's his home.  Nice reunion with him and his son, they both cried and it was
    very touching.  my husband.did the kids prayers with them last night.  HE will be
    attending a 12:00 AA meeting and going to another at 7:30pm tonight.  The AA and
    Alanon are held in the same building, so that works good for both of us.  Are
    you ready for this, I got his IOP moved up to Tues., and starting on Wednesday
    evening.  my husband. and Pete are meeting with his Dr on Saturday at 5:00, and
    there is no complaints, he just keeps saying I don’t ever want to be in that
    state of mind and lost like that ever again. 

    Ken, you will like this one, still not his #1 man, however he respects you and
    knows your there to help him and his family and for that he is grateful.  One
    day at a time.......


    Next email I received after the recovery aid Peter left addressed to Ken and the treatment center.


    Again I just want to thank you both for putting up with me for the past 5 months and giving me the courage to do what had to be done.  Once I got out of his way and did what I had to do for my boys and myself, his bottom starting coming to him.  That’s what I call gratitude. 


    my husband. is starting his IOP today, it runs Mon-Thurs, 3 hrs a day and includes a family program along with an Alanon meeting every Thurs, so 2 for the price of one.  The program is 4-6 wks,so his DR and his therapist there will discuss the time frame.  my husband. is really excited about starting it and one thing that came out at his interview yesterday, was I thought I was fighting this battle for the past 2.5 yrs, he has been drinking heavy for the past 8yrs., WOW.  That is why I am so grateful for our son, if it wasn't for him and myself becoming a responsible parent, I would probably have never seen it.  This time I can see the changes, not just the physical ones, for that I thank Seabrook. 


    my husband. has been attending 2-3 AA meetings a day, and for that I thank Ken and the aftercare program.  Peter made him feel very comfortable; got him talking to the right people, if it wasn't for Peter I really don't think my husband. would have had the confidence.  So cudo's to the aftercare program, it really helped my in-laws as well.  We were kind of concerned as to why my husband. wouldn't go down to his mothers to see her, well like Peter said, "he has to feel safe".  It's not a safe environment at his mothers/sisters, when we would go down there; it was all about sitting and having a drink.  So he saw her yesterday at our house, no alcohol there.  Peter was great and he returned back sober (Thank God), I would recommend the aftercare program to anyone.  He really gets them started into the program right from the first day, which is a great thing. 


    Thank you both, again.(my guard is still up, but for the time being things are running very smooth)

     Next email I received her husband getting his life back!!  The addiction is not stealing it from him any longer!!



    Wow, see what happens when there is no husband. is having breakfast with his "sponsor" Friday morning.  Taking his son to the movies Friday afternoon(day off from school) and the big guns>>>>>Took out the garbage for the first time in 1.5 yrs and put away the kids laundry for the first time in 3 yrs... 

    Peter did a great job, I am so grateful that we did the aftercare program.  You know how it works, he probably would have slacked on everything, so Peter being here and hearing his story really gave him the incentive he needed. 


    God think of the money we could have made on this intervention, between Dena, my husband.,etc., we could have had Steven Speilberg do this movie.  Love ya kid, I will continue to keep in touch.  (good,bad or indifferent)


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