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Ridgeview Institute
Ridgeview Institute
Ridgeview Institute, founded in November 1976, is a private, not-for-profit provider of psychiatric and addiction treatment for youth, young adults, adults and older adults, with specialty programs for Recovering Professionals and Eating Disorders. We are located at 3995 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA. Phone: (770) 434-4567. Web:
3995 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080

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  • Community Services

  • Adult Addiction Services
  • Ridgeview Institute
    Hope Recovery Resources
    Beth Fisher
    Drug Rehab Program
    7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Building 17, Suite 110
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    Ridgeview Institute
    Ridgeview Institute
    Ridgeview Institute, founded in November 1976, is a private, not-for-profit provider of psychiatric and addiction treatment for youth, young adults, adults and older adults, with specialty programs for Recovering Professionals and Eating Disorders. We are located at 3995 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna, GA. Phone: (770) 434-4567. Web:
    3995 South Cobb Drive
    Smyrna, GA 30080

  • How to Refer a Patient to Ridgeview

  • Community Services

  • Adult Addiction Services
  • Ridgeview Institute
    Recovery in Progress
    Statesboro, GA Drug Rehab Program
    Recovery in Progress is a residential recovery home in Statesboro Georgia for women willing to commit to a nine month therapeutic environment to build a solid foundation for life-long recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.
    405 West Parrish Street
    Statesboro, GA 30458
    Statesboro, GA Drug Rehab Program
    Family Recovery Counseling Center,Inc.
    Family Recovery Counseling Center,Inc.
    (FRCC) is a group of dedicated professionals committed to promoting growth, change and healing.
    2470 Windy Hill Rd.,Suite 300
    Maruetta, GA 30067
    Family Recovery Counseling Center,Inc.
    Georgia Parent Academy
    Martinez, GA
    We will refer you to a treatment center in your area, and help you with what your situation might be.
    122 zold Evans Road Blg.A
    Martinez, GA 30907

  • Mission
  • White, Waelchi and Pagac
    Jeanette Langworth
    Drug Rehab Program
    9285 Edd Summit
    Lake Remingtonberg, GA 04758
    Breakthrough Addiction Recovery
    The proven medical solution for Chemical Dependency
    Alcohol and drug detox. We provide medically supervised private and confidential ambulatory detoxification services for clients that require detoxification. Detox for alcohol is performed in the client’s home or in a comfortable suite and prescription drug, opiate or benzodiazepine detox is performed in our offices.
    8000 Miller Court East
    Norcross, GA 30071

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  • Alcohol Addiction

  • Opiate Addiction
  • The proven medical solution for Chemical Dependency
    Family Recovery Counseling Center, Inc.
    Family Recovery Counseling Center, Inc.
    Taking the first step can often be the most difficult. The friendly and enthusiastic staff at our Atltanta and Marietta offices are ready to help.
    2470 Eindy Hill Rd. Suite 300
    Marietta, GA 30067
    Recovery Outfitters/MASH
    Atlanta, GA, Residential Drug Treatment Program
    Serenity House has four levels of professional services and programs for young men. We administer a customized treatment based upon clients' needs and long term goals for success. Our program is CARF accredited insuring the highest quality of service.
    564 Peachtree Parkway
    Cumming, GA 30041

  • About Us
  •  Atlanta, GA, Residential Drug Treatment Program
    Safe Harbor Treatment Centers
    Safe Harbor
    Drug Rehab Program
    400 West Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, Georgia USA
    Atlanta, GA 30001
    Recovery First Inc.
    Recovery First Inc.
    A sober living environment to help people battle chemical dependency. We are 12-step based, and do not descriminate against: race, creed, sex, religion, or lack of religion. Our focus is to help addicts rather than make money, so we are very affordable!
    580 Atlanta rd. suite 202b
    Cumming, GA 30040

  • About us
  • Assisted Recovery Center of GA, Inc.
    Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia, Inc
    Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia, Inc. was started in 2000 by Terry Bruce after 12-step programs, alcohol detox, intensive inpatient, and other traditional detox centers failed to help a member of her family recover from alcohol addiction.
    7722 Waters Avenue
    Savannah, GA 31406

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  • Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia, Inc
    Narconon of Georgia
    Narconon of Georgia
    •The Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program has been providing drug treatment for over 40 years. This location opened over 10 years ago when an Atlanta business women realized the need for more treatment options.
    5688 Peachtree Parkway
    Norcross, GA 30092
    Narconon of Georgia

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    DEKALB Drug Rehab ProgramDodge Drug Rehab ProgramDooly Drug Rehab ProgramDougherty Drug Rehab Program
    Douglas Drug Rehab ProgramEarly Drug Rehab ProgramEchols Drug Rehab ProgramEffingham Drug Rehab Program
    Elbert Drug Rehab ProgramEmanuel Drug Rehab ProgramEvans Drug Rehab ProgramFannin Drug Rehab Program
    Fayette Drug Rehab ProgramFloyd Drug Rehab ProgramForsyth Drug Rehab ProgramFranklin Drug Rehab Program
    Fulton Drug Rehab ProgramGilmer Drug Rehab ProgramGlascock Drug Rehab ProgramGlynn Drug Rehab Program
    Gordon Drug Rehab ProgramGrady Drug Rehab ProgramGreene Drug Rehab ProgramGwinnett Drug Rehab Program
    Habersham Drug Rehab ProgramHall Drug Rehab ProgramHancock Drug Rehab ProgramHaralson Drug Rehab Program
    Harris Drug Rehab ProgramHart Drug Rehab ProgramHeard Drug Rehab ProgramHenry Drug Rehab Program
    Houston Drug Rehab ProgramIrwin Drug Rehab ProgramJackson Drug Rehab ProgramJasper Drug Rehab Program
    Jeff Davis Drug Rehab ProgramJefferson Drug Rehab ProgramJenkins Drug Rehab ProgramJohnson Drug Rehab Program
    Jones Drug Rehab ProgramLamar Drug Rehab ProgramLanier Drug Rehab ProgramLaurens Drug Rehab Program
    Lee Drug Rehab ProgramLiberty Drug Rehab ProgramLincoln Drug Rehab ProgramLong Drug Rehab Program
    Lowndes Drug Rehab ProgramLumpkin Drug Rehab ProgramMacon Drug Rehab ProgramMadison Drug Rehab Program
    Marion Drug Rehab ProgramMcDuffie Drug Rehab ProgramMcIntosh Drug Rehab ProgramMeriwether Drug Rehab Program
    Miller Drug Rehab ProgramMitchell Drug Rehab ProgramMonroe Drug Rehab ProgramMontgomery Drug Rehab Program
    Morgan Drug Rehab ProgramMurray Drug Rehab ProgramMuscogee Drug Rehab ProgramNewton Drug Rehab Program
    Oconee Drug Rehab ProgramOglethorpe Drug Rehab ProgramPaulding Drug Rehab ProgramPeach Drug Rehab Program
    Pickens Drug Rehab ProgramPierce Drug Rehab ProgramPike Drug Rehab ProgramPolk Drug Rehab Program
    Pulaski Drug Rehab ProgramPutnam Drug Rehab ProgramQuitman Drug Rehab ProgramRabun Drug Rehab Program
    Randolph Drug Rehab ProgramRichmond Drug Rehab ProgramRockdale Drug Rehab ProgramSchley Drug Rehab Program
    Screven Drug Rehab ProgramSeminole Drug Rehab ProgramSpalding Drug Rehab ProgramStephens Drug Rehab Program
    Stewart Drug Rehab ProgramSumter Drug Rehab ProgramTalbot Drug Rehab ProgramTaliaferro Drug Rehab Program
    Tattnall Drug Rehab ProgramTaylor Drug Rehab ProgramTelfair Drug Rehab ProgramTerrell Drug Rehab Program
    Thomas Drug Rehab ProgramTift Drug Rehab ProgramToombs Drug Rehab ProgramTowns Drug Rehab Program
    Treutlen Drug Rehab ProgramTroup Drug Rehab ProgramTurner Drug Rehab ProgramTwiggs Drug Rehab Program
    Union Drug Rehab ProgramUpson Drug Rehab ProgramWalker Drug Rehab ProgramWalton Drug Rehab Program
    Ware Drug Rehab ProgramWarren Drug Rehab ProgramWashington Drug Rehab ProgramWayne Drug Rehab Program
    Webster Drug Rehab ProgramWheeler Drug Rehab ProgramWhite Drug Rehab ProgramWhitfield Drug Rehab Program
    Wilcox Drug Rehab ProgramWilkes Drug Rehab ProgramWilkinson Drug Rehab ProgramWorth Drug Rehab Program
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