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James Dodge
4865 40 th way South
Lake Worth, FL 33461
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    Genesis House Recovery Residence Inc.

    Genesis House has several programs to offer our clients

    Residential Treatment Program

    Genesis House holds three treatment licenses to provide substance abuse services/treatment:

    • Residential Treatment License
    • Day / Night Treatment License
    • Intensive Out-Patient License

    Genesis House offers treatment at the following service levels:

    • Residential
    • Partial Hospitalization
    • Intensive Out-Patient Treatment

    The Genesis House 30-90 day Residential Addiction Treatment Program is comprised of daily individual counseling sessions, Focus meetings, Process and Trauma groups, Addiction Education, and Relapse Prevention groups. Clients must also attend daily Twelve-step support meetings to educate themselves further about the disease of addiction. Weekly outings provide the client the opportunity to experience life without the use of drugs or alcohol. Learning how to have fun without drug use is an important aspect of the recovery process.

    Additional Genesis House Programs

    • Dual Disorder Program
    • Aftercare Program
    • Genesis Alumni Group
    • Intervention Program
    • Christian Recovery Track
    • Spanish Program

    Intervention and Dual Diagnosis Treatment


    The Intervention Process
    An intervention is a proven way to get the suffering individual into the recovery process. Done correctly, the individual is shown the impact of the behavior on themselves and the people around them. This effective method of helping people to realize they have a problem and should act has been successful in getting patients into treatment programs in a caring and professional manner.


    Addiction and Depression
    Depression is a serious illness affecting millions each year. Some of the symptoms may include: low self-esteem, poor appetite or overeating, insomnia or increased sleeping, difficulty with concentrating or making decisions, despair or feelings of hopelessness, and fatigue or low energy levels.

    Bi-Polar Disorder
    The Program will assist to successfully address chemical dependency and bi-polar disorder in adults. Our friendly and professional staff of doctors and therapists are fully trained to help individuals work with issues involving substance abuse and bi-polar disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is one of the family of anxiety disorders, it is a potentially debilitating condition. Depression, bi-polar mood disorder and other behavioral health issues are quite common in the field of addiction medicine.

    Dual Diagnosis
    Many patients have Dual Diagnosis, meaning they have both a substance abuse issue and an additional diagnosis such as bi-polar (depression), anxiety, personality, or mood disorder. Patients who are chemically dependent and obsessive compulsive receive dual diagnosis treatment for both issues together. Our staff of experienced professionals utilize medical, clinical, holistic and therapeutic methodologies to help the individual obtain long term abstinence from substance abuse as well as coping mechanisms to deal with their dual diagnosis.

    Christian Program
    The Genesis House Christian Program is an optional program offered at Genesis House. In small groups or individually, clients work through addiction and personal issues using a Christian philosophy. This Christian centered approach to recovery uses Biblical principals as a vital part of the recovery process. The group explores the different aspects of faith, healing and grace available through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Activities include, attending church, Bible study, individual Christian counseling, and off- campus functions. It is a spiritual journey that is truly inspirational.

    Sober Living Facility

    Length of Program
    The Genesis Sober Living Facility is located in a quite, wooded area of Lake Worth, Florida. All incoming residents are required to make a 90-day commitment to their recovery and Genesis House. Some residents have remained at Genesis House for over one year. This program is designed to give the newly recovering person the added support, tools, and structure they need to begin the transition back to sober independent living.

    Residents are required to attend daily AA groups as well as Genesis House support groups while in this process. Residents must have a sponsor and AA home group which they attend. Residents are expected to maintain employment or volunteer their services to AA/NA or charity. All residents must comply with the following curfews while in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program:

    • Sunday-Thursday 11:00 p.m.
    • Friday-Saturday 12:30 a.m.

    Residents in the Genesis Sober Living Facility are allowed to have vehicles on site if they have a valid drivers license and insurance. Residents may not loan their vehicles out to other residents under any circumstances. Any resident who needs a ride to nightly AA/NA meetings may ride in the facility van.

    Admissions are accepted seven (7) days a week. The admissions conselor will make a recommendation as to which program the client is appropriate to enter.

    Financial Arrangements
    Genesis House Recovery Program accepts most major medical plans for treatment. Genesis House also accepts cash, American Express, and Visa for payment. All out of state payment must be sent in bank draft or money order format.

    Referrals to Genesis Recovery Program may be made by Employers, Mental Health Counselors, Detox Centers, Insurers, the Court System, or individuals seeking help for themselves or a loved one.

    Genesis House Recovery Residence Inc.
    Genesis House has several programs to offer our clients

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